The bright future of the Stade Cayennais rugby school: a prestigious legacy in the Antilles-Guyana

With thirty regional championship titles, Stade Cayennais is the most prestigious club in Guyana. Founded in 1966, it has 245 licensees. Its rugby school is now the pride of its leaders. In 2019, three young people from Stade Cayennais joined the training centers of Pro D2 clubs.

Portrait of the Guyanese rugby club Stade Cayennais

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Two days after the start of the school year, boys and girls aged 4 to 15 return to the Suzini plain area. From the rugby school’s first training session, 64 members were present, more than half of the previous season’s squad, to the great satisfaction of the managers. The World Cup effect could increase the number of registrations by around 10%.

Martin Adelaide has taken this route which leads to the Plaine de Suzini dozens of times. The third row is currently playing in Espoirs at Sporting Union Agen, a Pro D2 club. Arriving at Stade Cayennais in 2010, he was detected by Agenais educators 9 years later. Member of the Guyanese U14 selection, he joined the SUA training center, ranked third in the Top 14 at the time. The objective is to obtain the “Player from French Training” label. Three other young people from the rugby school are also perfecting their training in France. Liroy Polius followed a path identical to that of Martin Adelaïde. Nathan Mozart wears the colors of the center of Grenoble, in Pro D2. Ryan Houin joined Nîmes in National. The Top 14 match sheets still do not show any Guyanese from Stade Cayennais. But a promising future looms. The rugby school has become one of the showcases. Fabien Galthié, coach of the French XV, and Thibault Giroud, performance director of the Blues, explored it in April 2022. The staff of the French team was scouting in Guyana. Three months later, the French rugby federation announced the arrival of the XV of France for a commando training course within the Cayenne Foreign Legion regiment, from June 25 to 30, to prepare for the 2023 World Cup. This project will never have place.

Stade Cayennais, one of the most prestigious winners in the West Indies, Guyana

West Indies Guyana champion on 9 occasions, the Blacks and Whites have won 30 regional Champion titles and 14 Guyana Cups. After four seasons without a trophy, they regained their crown last June. This club, almost 60 years old, has 248 members out of 925 throughout the territory. Around forty members aged 18 to 60 make up the senior teams. This is the largest squad in the West Indies and Guyana.

The joy of the Stade Cayennais players, 2018/19 champions

Founded in 1966 by a few oval ball enthusiasts, Stade Cayennais is historically the third club in Guyana. The first two teams were created in Saint-Jean du Maroni in January 1965 by Pierre Bonnecase. This oval enthusiast, with a group of friends and the young Guyanese Luc Théolade decided to set up a structure in the capital. They are thus launching the real adventure of rugby in Guyana.

Made up of seven clubs, the first championship took place in 1966. The League was created in 1970. Four years later, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana were affiliated to the French Federation. The leaders of Stade Cayennais then thought seriously about the training and integration of young people through physical education teachers from middle and high schools. In 1980, they built the rugby school. They now cherish the hope of seeing a young Guyanese wear the colors of the XV of France.

Watch the interview with the President of Stade Cayennais, Julien Destieu:


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