When Gary Gensler gets scolded like a child by Congress!

The chairman of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), Gary Gensler, is often at the heart of the news surrounding the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Its positions and declarations are regularly the subject of discussion and criticism by players in the sector.

Virulent criticism of the regulation of cryptocurrencies

Gary Gensler was heavily criticized during a recent US Congressional hearing, where lawmakers criticized him for the SEC’s approach to regulating the crypto sector. Among the topics discussed were the FTX affair and issues related to the regulatory status of Bitcoin.

A request for clarification on the status of Bitcoin and FTX

Republican Representative Patrick McHenry, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, asked Gary Gensler to once again clarify the regulatory status of Bitcoin and the FTX platform. However, no definitive answers have been provided by Gensler on these questions, fueling criticism around the SEC’s cryptocurrency policy.

Gary Gensler’s delicate position with lawmakers

Gary Gensler’s testimony before the US House of Representatives did not go as planned. Several elected officials have expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of clarity in regulations on cryptocurrencies. This situation highlights the strong expectations of ecosystem players for better understanding and clear rules regarding cryptocurrencies.

Questions about the legal status of tokenized Pokémon cards

One of the recent examples concerning Gary Gensler’s remarks concerns the legal status of a tokenized Pokémon card, that is, a Pokémon card transformed into a digital token on the blockchain. At a meeting of the United States Financial Services Committee, Gensler was asked whether these cards should be considered financial securities subject to SEC regulation.

Gensler’s response on NFTs

Gensler did not give a clear-cut answer on this question, but rather called for a case-by-case analysis of the different types of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to determine their legal status.

  • For some NFTs, they may simply be considered a cultural or artistic product with no connection to financial markets.
  • In other cases, it is possible that NFTs are treated as financial securities, and therefore subject to regulation by the SEC.

The consequences for the SEC and the cryptocurrency market

It is possible that criticism and requests for clarification from lawmakers will prompt the SEC to clarify its position and regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. Thus, the market could benefit from a clearer and stable framework to develop. Gary Gensler, as chairman of the SEC, is at the heart of debates over the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United States. Its positions often provoke reactions and criticism from players in the sector, who are waiting for clearer rules to develop peacefully.

The pressure exerted by legislators could push Gensler and the SEC to clarify their positions and work to develop regulations adapted to the dynamism and constant evolution of the cryptocurrency market.

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