Resumption of activity after retirement now allows you to accumulate new rights

Pensions will increase by 5.2% from January 1, to keep up with inflation. Sometimes it’s not enough to make ends meet. Franceinfo Conseil tells you about the new combination of employment and retirement.


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The new pension is capped within the limit of 5% of the annual Social Security ceiling, or an additional 183 euros per month.  (VANESSA MEYER / MAXPPP)

Until there, accumulating professional income in addition to your retirement pension was possible but this income could not trigger an additional retirement pension. That is to say that the beneficiaries of the cumulation of employment and retirement contributed but did not obtain new rights.

Since January 2023, it has been possible to increase the future level of your pension based on accrued rights. A retiree who wishes, for example, to work again will receive all his retirement pensions linked to his 42 years of professional life (soon 43 years), but this retiree will also be able to receive a new retirement pension, which will be calculated, this time -this, according to its rights resulting from a resumption or continuation of activity.

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An information obligation and three conditions

Please note, during the month following resumption of activity, you have an obligation to provide information to your basic pension fund. You must give him in particular the name and address of the employer or company, the date of start of activity, the amount and nature of the income.

To be able to accumulate a retirement pension and professional income, you must:
• have reached legal retirement age
• have paid all basic and supplementary pensions
• be able to prove a complete career or have reached the age of the full rate, i.e. 67 years old

Then, the new pension is capped within the limit of 5% of the annual Social Security ceiling, or around 2,200 euros per year, that is to say you will not be able to earn more than 183 additional euros per month.

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You can get help and information on the government website but also on You have online questionnaires, information based on all diets and situations.

A little advice to finish: don’t forget to ask for this new pension. To do this, you need a unique form depending on the regime you belong to.

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