What changes on October 1, 2023

The entrepreneur Grégory Michel was convicted of bankruptcy. – Illustrative photo: unsplash.com / towfique
– Illustrative photo: unsplash.com / towfique

Since this Sunday, October 1, several laws have come into force. Some changes are also to be noted on the banks’ side. We take stock.

Minimum ceiling height revised downwards

It is an article of the public health code which has received a bit of attention in recent months due to the opposition it has encountered on the left. But it was indeed adopted. Since this Sunday, accommodation previously declared indecent can now be rented completely legally. Due to the minimum ceiling height which has just changed.

Until now, for accommodation to be considered decent, and therefore rented, it had to have a minimum ceiling height of 2.20 meters. Since this Sunday, this height can be only 1.80 meters. Provided that the volume of the room reaches at least 20 cubic meters. According to CheckNewshousing which includes a room of 11 m2 on the ground and 1.80 m high can today be considered decent and healthy.

APL increases

Still on the subject of housing, the revaluation of personalized housing assistance (APL). This is due to increase by 3.7% this month. Which also corresponds to the capping of rent increases.

For owners, it is My Renovation Bonus which is revalued. This bonus, which has existed since 2020, is aimed at owners who have modest and very modest incomes. It allows them to receive up to €20,000 in aid upon presentation of an energy renovation invoice. This maximum aid increases from 35% of the cost of the work for those with modest incomes to 50%. And from 50% to 65% for those with very modest incomes.

Deconjugalization of the disabled adult allowance

In 2022, 1.29 million people received a disabled adults allowance (AAH). This was calculated based on the person’s level of disability and the income of the entire household. From now on, the spouse’s income will no longer be taken into account in the calculation of this assistance.

This was a complaint brought by associations for a very long time. It was also a promise from Emmanuel Macron which must come into force on October 1st.

The usury rate of real estate loans increases

The economic situation is still not favorable for loans to individuals. The usury rate, which decides the maximum ceiling to which a bank is authorized to lend, has continued to increase for more than a year. This rate is calculated by the Banque de France. It corresponds to the average of the rates charged by 10% of bank agencies during the last quarter and is increased by a third.

This Sunday, October 1, it therefore goes from 5.28% to 5.55% for loans between ten and twenty years. And from 5.56% to 5.80% for real estate loans twenty years or more.

Up to €10,000 on LEP

THE Popular savings account is a method of banking investment reserved for the most modest households. Single people who declare less than €21,193 in income per year and couples who declare less than €32,818 can open one. The interest of this booklet lies in its interest rate, precisely. This goes from 6.1% to 6% this Sunday. Which remains double the Livret A and makes it the savings account that pays the most.

Since this Sunday, October 1, the LEP ceiling has been raised. Previously limited to €7,700, the booklet is now limited to €10,000, or more, with accumulated interest.

Less salt in the baguette

A French institution will also experience change this month. The sector of bakery has committed to lowering the salt threshold in bread from this Sunday, October 1st. This should not change its taste however since this threshold must go from 1.5 grams of salt per 100 grams of bread to 1.4 grams.

Besides, this isn’t the first time. Since 2015, the salt content of common breads has decreased by more than 20%. This is in any case what the Ministry of Agriculture claims. This measure is actually linked to health. It aims to reduce blood pressure and with it, the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and myocardial infarction.

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