Run This Town Cyberpunk 2077: Should We See Bennett Before Hansen’s Vigil?

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This article is a walkthrough guide to the Run This Town side quest exclusive to the Phantom Liberty DLC. We’ll have no choice but to mention a few major plot points along the way, including the events of the Firestarter main quest, one of the last in the DLC. Read wisely.


  • How to get and complete the Run This Town quest?
  • Should we see Bennett before calling Mr Hands?
  • Who to choose between Jago and Bennett to succeed Hansen?

The quest Run This Town although it may be a side quest, you will not be able to start it until you have progressed a lot in the Phantom Liberty DLC. In fact, to receive it, you must first have completed the Firestarter main quest (one of the last in the plot) as well as all Mr Hands contracts. As the events of Run This Town are closely linked to those of Firestarter, we will have no choice but to spoil this main quest to address the progress of Run This Town. Read the rest of this article carefully.

Once you have completed all the quests necessary to obtain Run This Townyou should eventually receive a call from Mr Hands at one time or another. The latter will then invite you to visit him at Club Heavy Hearts, the pyramid-shaped building in Dogtown. Join him in his office as he talks to you about his plan to push Chester Bennett to take over the reins of Barghest, and therefore the entire neighborhood. To achieve this, Hands will give you everything you need to take on the appearance and personality of a certain Aguilara mercenary from Havana with an international reputation.

Take Aguilar’s print, costume and weapon from the table, equip everything and interact with the mirror to observe the result. Then leave the club and go to the location indicated on your map. Go up to the small outpost to activate the imprintAguilarthen go “chat” with the Voodoo Boys a little further. Do not hesitate for a single second to use force to familiarize yourself with your new weapon, and remember that you will not have access to all your advantages and cybernetic implants while under the effect of the imprint. ‘Aguilar.

Once the fight is over, simply wait for the arrival of Jago to start the first important conversation of this quest. Faced with the threat you represent, Jago will try to get out of it by talking to you. Three choices will then be available to you:

  • You return very wisely to your place: Jago will agree to withdraw from the race and let Bennett become leader of the Barghest. This is the quickest and easiest option, but choosing it would cause you to miss crucial information.
  • I think you’re going to die: You will have to face Jago and his bodyguard, the outcome will be more or less the same as for the first choice.
  • You will share the fate of the Voodoo Boys: You will only be able to make this choice if you have a Constitution level of at least 15. By threatening Jago in this way, he will admit to you that Bennett is in the pay of Arasaka, who intends to take control of Dogtown thanks to this alliance. Of course, you will have the opportunity to have your say. Choosing this option will allow you to further explore all outcomes of the Run This Town quest.

Should we see Bennett before calling Mr Hands?

If you chose to threaten Jago and he revealed Bennett’s true role to Arasaka, you will have the opportunity to pay him a quick visit before reporting to Mr. Hands. We strongly advise you to do so in order to have all the cards in hand regarding Hansen’s estate.

Follow the objective marker to reach Bennett’s position in Downtown Night City, equip the imprint againAguilar and kill Bennett’s driver before getting into his car. Bennett will eventually return, and you will have the opportunity to scare him of his life. As with Jago just before him, you will have the choice between two outcomes:

  • You will forget Arasaka: Bennett will eventually get annoyed and you will have no choice but to fight him. He will, however, abandon the fight once you lower his life bar to 25%, and the result will be the same as the second option.
  • What if I told you that Jago will be more of a problem? : You will succeed in convincing Bennett that Jago intends to withdraw from the race to let him take the reins of Barghest, on the condition that he drops his ties with Arasaka.

You will have understood, the only consequence of this choice will be a small combat session or a peaceful outcome. However, the simple fact of going to see Bennett before calling Hands will have positive consequences on the rest of the quest. Once you’re done here, call Hands and join Hansen’s vigil at the Black Sapphire.

Run This Town Cyberpunk 2077: Should We See Bennett Before Hansen's Vigil?Run This Town Cyberpunk 2077: Should We See Bennett Before Hansen's Vigil?

Who to choose between Jago and Bennett to succeed Hansen?

Once you have joined the Black Sapphire, you will have the opportunity to attend Hansen’s funeral wake. Obviously, everything will not go as planned since Bennett will have the unfortunate impression that Jago intends to fail him once Aguilar has his back turned. He will then demand that Jago prove his loyalty by making some concessions. Once again, you will have the opportunity to intervene to tip the scales. First of all, Please note that the outcome of this quest will have no impact on the end of the DLC adventure, only on your relationship with Mr Hands. Also know that Bennett or Jago’s reaction will also depend on the rest of your decisions during the quest. Depending on how you manage the situation, three outcomes will be possible:

  • Bennett and Jago will agree to ally and Bennett will be the new leader of the Barghest (the best choice to get there seems to be to threaten them with your gun as soon as possible, but you can also get there with your word alone)
  • Bennett and Jago will not agreeand Bennett will try to kill Jago on site (you can intervene to prevent it, which should be enough to return to outcome n°1 if you succeed).
  • Bennett and Jago will not agreeand you can kill Bennett on hand to crown Jago.
Run This Town Cyberpunk 2077: Should We See Bennett Before Hansen's Vigil?

If you can ensure that everything goes smoothly and Bennett takes over as head of Barghest, Mr. Hands will be particularly pleased with your work. If Bennett stays on top of Dogtown but Jago dies, Hands will still be happy. If you decide to put Jago in charge of Barghest, however, Hands will be disappointed. It’s up to you to see what you prefer to do, knowing once again that this quest will not really have an impact on the rest of the DLC.

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