PINK OCTOBER: “We pose for pink”, an operation for research against breast cancer

For this 7th solidarity edition, around fifty photographers are mobilizing throughout France. In Dijon, Ludivine Anton will, during a photo shoot, sublimate women affected by this cancer: “I want to create a moment of sharing, without embarrassment and without stress”.

On pose pour le rose is an association but above all a fundraising event for the benefit of research against breast cancer. The idea is to come and pose on Saturday October 7, 2023 in front of volunteer photographers all over France, in exchange for a donation and to take the opportunity to spend a moment of kindness and conviviality while doing a good deed . The profits are donated to breast cancer research, while helping to make the daily lives of these women better and their life expectancy greater.

The solidarity shoot corresponds to a donation of €30. Each participant affected by the disease will receive two photos to download and offered by the photographer. There is also a solidarity niche. Each photographer provides a woman undergoing treatment with a free slot for a photo shoot.

In Burgundy, photographer Ludivine Anton based in Dijon is the referent for this operation, We pose for pink. The opportunity to meet this Dijon resident who is passionate about photography.

Ludivine Anton : “I am passionate about photos. Thanks to my numerous travels, I took a lot of photos of landscapes in which I found peace, but also photos of animals. And then in 2020, confinement deprived me of travel. But it allowed me to discover portrait photography. Since then I have been doing photoshoots, family photos, weddings and I started my business just a year ago. At the same time, I kept my job as a midwife and that is why I joined this operation, We pose for pink”

I will always remember this pregnant patient»

“As a midwife, I am on the front line in breast cancer screening and for me it is also important to highlight this project in my profession as a photographer to raise awareness among women about screening. I also had a painful experience as a midwife when I worked in a hospital. I will always remember this patient who was pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she was able to give birth to a beautiful baby, unfortunately, the pregnancy weakened him. She died a few months later. It’s something that touched and upset me. And so as a photographer I found it obvious to mobilize and give my time to this cause which is very important for women.

The solidarity photo shoot

“To participate in this operation, you must choose a time slot via my site. Then on October 7 you will be welcomed by Anouk in downtown Dijon in an ultra cozy place. If you chose the makeup option, Mylène will make you an even more beautiful woman. Then I will do the photo shoot. The goal for me is to tell your story in photos. So no stress, just come as you are. Very natural. No fake sans-blanc, no role-playing. Be yourself to better enhance your personality in photos. I want to create a moment of sharing to create photos that will reflect you but also for those who wish, to step out of their comfort zone in front of my camera. No embarrassment, I want you to be comfortable with me”

Some numbers

In 2021, the On Pose pour le Rose operation mobilized more than 200 volunteers in 23 cities in France and Seville in Spain. 944 participants donated 50,000 Euros to cancer research and supportive care for patients undergoing treatment.

In 2022, there were more than 225 volunteers in 40 cities in France and Seville in Spain. 69 photographers and 1,185 participants donated €80,000 to the Institut Curie as well as to local associations which help affected people in their treatment journey.

Norbert Banchet

Click HERE to choose a time for the photo shoot with Ludivine Anton

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