Physical activity and cancer: why not rugby or fencing?

We know that sporting activity is good for your health. Moreover, “40% of cancers are preventable through the practice of sport, a balanced diet, the elimination of alcohol and tobacco,” recalls Béatrice Boistard, head of the platform. Adapted physical activity (APA) at the Institut Curie. But it is also essential as a complement to cancer treatment, and even once treatment is finished.

In place for around fifteen years at the Institut Curie, APA is offered in the form of a three-month program, with one hour of activity per week. The doctor carries out an assessment of the patient’s physical capacity, taking into account the treatment. Then he gives his recommendations. “APA makes it possible to remove the side effects of treatment in the context of cancer,” says Béatrice Boistard. It is also the only cure capable of acting on fatigue. It reduces pain and the risk of recurrence by 24% and increases the chances of survival. And it recreates a social bond that can be lost. Go ahead: get moving! »

All sports are possible, the main thing is to find your own. The sessions take place in small groups of ten people maximum. The objective is set at the start of the program, an assessment is carried out at the end.

Éric Laumet, master of arms in the Paris region, has followed specific training to provide. “We are taught about illness and what fencing can bring. We use the saber, the most suitable weapon because it can be used on the right side as well as the left side. There is no contact between them, just on me or a pudding. And there are days, they need to hit, they let off steam well! » The patient will come and work on posture, strength, endurance, opening of the arms. Simone

had never practiced fencing and signed up for classes: “I feel a profound sense of well-being. It’s very cardio, I didn’t expect that.” His cancer does not allow him to benefit from hormone therapy treatment, “so my only medicine is sport! » She enjoys getting together with women to chat, meet new people, all with kindness.

Joy and rugby

Another sport that we don’t think about: rugby. The French rugby federation (FFR) adapts the discipline for a team of five people. No question of tackling or scrum here. No contact either, but passes with the ball to advance and score. Catherine Terrade chose this sport which she knows well since her whole family plays it. She became the head of rugby health for cancers and other pathologies at the RCVB (Rugby club Val de Bièvre in Val de Marne), “it gave me back my self-esteem. At first you walk slowly, then you jog and then you end up running.” She assures him “everyone is happy to see each other, it’s very joyful. » World Cup effect certainly, the club goes from 17 licensees last season to 24 this year. The cost of the APA program is based on the family quotient. It is possible to follow it ina healthy sports center in the region

. The League Against Cancer is also a partner of the program. The general practitioner can also prescribe a prescription.

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