NBA: 3 things to know about Victor Wembanyama


NBA: 3 things to know about Victor Wembanyama

Published on October 1, 2023 at 11:12 a.m.

At only 19 years old, Victor Wembanyama has the eyes of the entire sports world focused on him. At least as anticipated as a certain LeBron James in his debut, the young superstar settled in San Antonio after being drafted in first position by the Texan franchise. An exceptional adventure that the CANAL+ cameras followed for almost a year, from his season at the Metropolitans to the June 22 ceremony, including the Lottery. In the documentary “Victor Wembanyama, UN1QUE”, which it will be possible to discover on October 8, we find the French phenomenon, as we have never seen him before, close to his family and testifying to his hidden passions.

1 – As anticipated as LeBron James

Constantly compared to LeBron James since his arrival in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama faces unprecedented media pressure. On October 25, Wemby will play their very first match in the Big League – against the Dallas Mavericks – and suffice to say that it cannot be missed as the expectations are so high. Since 2003 and the entry of King In the big leagues, observers all agree that they have never seen a prospect as talented as the one we nickname the Alien. While its French championship matches were broadcast by the NBA all last season, Wembanyama is already a superstar in the USA.

2- Always very close to his family

Victor Wembanyama is very close to his family. According to him, his mother as well as his brothers and sisters have a preponderant place in his professional success. A real source of well-being which allows Spurs to keep their feet on the ground on a daily basis. “ The entourage is important, and it’s a bit of a shadow work. For all athletes, when they do things wrong, everyone notices it, but when they do things right, it goes unnoticed and that’s the case with my family. […] They all do an exemplary job. Every athlete on earth would dream of having a family like that: it’s really very important in terms of stability, to know that whatever happens, no matter how I feel, there will always be someone ‘one behind me, ready to catch up. » concedes the tricolor.

3 – A surprising passion

In San Antonio, Victor Wembanyama will be far from his family. Fortunately, the young superstar has another outlet for the pressure that her new life can bring. When he’s not playing basketball, when he’s not training, Wemby draw and meditate. From the top of its 224cm, the Alien looks like a human. He loves art and knows how to use his fingers to shoot as well as to draw: “ I have a lot of hobbies, interests in many areas that also evolve over time. I believe that the most important thing to not get lost in all this is to have something that motivates us deeply, he continues. A reason for being, a goal on which we are fixed. I love art, but the artwork I love isn’t the same as the art I love creating. I like to make realistic drawings, with lots of details, but I have lots of other styles. Sometimes abstract. » confided Wembanyama on the subject.

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