“Internet is dying”: completely false Google results because of ChatGPT

JVTech News “Internet is dying”: completely false Google results because of ChatGPT

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The AIs that are supposed to help us every day still make mistakes. We know this, but the problem is when these errors are found first in Google search results.

ChatGPT can now connect to the Internet, but…

If the first iterations of ChatGPT had turned the brains of many ordinary people like me, It goes without saying that the AI ​​had flaws. the answers took a long time to arrive, were not that precise, and of course, we had this famous problem regarding his ignorance of recent news.

Indeed, since launch, OpenAI has used a closed database which ends in September 2021. So, as soon as we want to ask him for information related to more recent events, it’s the bubble. This means that artificial intelligence is not connected to the Internet, which significantly reduces its usefulness, especially in the face of new competitors such as Bard, Google’s AI.

This is all ancient history, because OpenAI has just announced that ChatGPT can finally connect to the web. Finished story for September 2021:

ChatGPT can now scour the internet to provide you with current, reliable information, complete with direct links to sources. It is no longer limited to data before September 2021.

This is very good news, OpenAI is finally aligned with other tools from Google and Microsoft. NOW, here is a new problem, which brings ChatGPT nonsense to the top of Google searches.

ChatGPT is wrong, and Google highlights it!

ChatGPT is improving, but like all other AI open to the general public, we regularly encounter errors in certain information. Either the database is not perfect, or the artificial intelligence retrieves untrue information from the Internet. In short, we know it, and it does not matter, tool skills will only get better.

Except that ! With the advent of ChatGPT, many sites and software have started using its API to integrate it into their system, including the Quora sitewhich you probably know: as soon as you have a question and you ask it on Google, you often come across a Quora result.

For some time, Quora integrates ChatGPT to answer questions people ask on the site. This allows you to have a response without waiting for another user to intervene, except that ChatGPT makes mistakes, and those mistakes, like many questions asked on Quora, end up at the top of Google search results. As Tyler Gladiolus shows on Twitter (X):

It’s really hilarious. Quora has “SEOized” itself to be at the top of all search results, and is now pulling answers from ChatGPT on their page, which propagates to the answers given by Google. The Internet is dying.

That’s stupid! ChatGPT claims that an egg can melt, but this is not possible. To err is human, but not only that, and this answer comes first when you ask Google the question. Depending on how you formulate the research, things can change, but hey, you understand that there is a flaw in the system.

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