Good and bad news for LEP, our favorite bank… The 5 money news of the week

A new ceiling of 10,000 euros for the popular Savings Book but which will not immediately earn you interest, the new rankings of the banks preferred by French customers, the increase in retirement pensions… MoneyVox rewinds the 5 news of the week for your wallet.

The news of the week: the LEP ceiling increases to 10,000 euros

An unbeatable rate of 6%, a payment ceiling increased to 10,000 euros from October 1: the Popular Savings Account has never been so attractive. However, 9 million of you pass by this extraordinary product. And you may be entitled to it without knowing it. Here’s to the good news.

On the other hand, you should know that LEP remuneration may fall in the coming months, but also that the new LEP ceiling has a small subtlety. Indeed, if you will be able to fill it up to 10,000 euros from Sunday or Monday, depending on your bank, this payment will not earn you interest right away. And this is because of the fortnight rule. Explanations.

The ranking of the week: Crdit Mutuel, your favorite bank

Unboltable Crdit Mutuel. The brand no longer leaves first place in the bank image rankings. In the latest edition of the Posternak barometer, it is ahead of Crdit Agricole and Caisse d’Epargne. If Crdit Mutuel further widens its lead in the ranking, La Banque Postale is now lagging behind, despite its public service mission. It is surpassed by Boursorama, BNP Paribas and Socit Générale.

Why Crdit Mutuel remains, year after year, the French people’s favorite bank

The figure of the week: 5.2% increase in retirement pensions

Faced with inflation, the Minister of the Economy announced this week that basic pensions will all be increased by 5.2%. At the same time, an increase in complementary funds must soon take place. Here is the schedule for future pension increases.

The text of the week: the new features of the 2024 budget

On Wednesday, on the occasion of the presentation of the draft budget for 2024, Bruno Le Maire also announced a series of measures which will have an impact on household wallets. New fuel bonus, future climate savings plan, PER prohibited for under-18s, modified zero-rate loan, revised income tax scale… Find out what will change.

Small pension increases, LEP ceiling, APL… What changes for your budget in October

Tip of the week: be wary of boosted rates

Investing your money without taking any risk has never brought you so much return. While the Livret A rate is 3%, the remuneration of bank books can reach, in theory, up to 5% thanks to boosted rates. But it is important to look at these offers in detail before choosing one. Indeed, these boosted rates include a catch. Here it is.

Comparison of the best bank accounts

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