“Free” games for October 2023 on PSN

To be able to play online with your PlayStation, you must subscribe to the PSN Plus Essential service. This offer allows players to try out a few titles chosen by Sony, at no cost other than the price of the subscription to the service. And in fact, prices have recently increased, since a year’s subscription now costs €71.99 compared to €59.99 previously. The October 2023 selection was a test to determine whether this increase, officially intended to “continue to deliver high-quality games and value-added benefits, was going to keep his promises. This month, as a prelude to the Halloween evening which will be held on Tuesday, October 31, the focus is on horror games with The Callisto Protocol And Weird West. And on Farming Simulator 2022digital farmers will be able to grow a few pumpkins to carve.

The Callisto Protocol

Horror survival game set in space (well, on a moon of Jupiter), The Callisto Protocol inevitably recalls the mythical Dead Space : anything but a coincidence, since the two titles come from the fertile and macabre imagination of the same Glen Schofield. As Jacob Lee, your goal is to escape alive (and whole) from Black Iron, a prison built on Callisto and in which an unknown virus has wreaked havoc, transforming guards and prisoners into somewhat mischievous creatures. Deja vu scenario, lazy game design and worn-out gameplay, The Callisto Protocol was especially fatal to the teams who worked on it, since the Striking Distance studio fired workers after this fiasco.

Farming Simulator 2022

Two rooms, two atmospheres. As indicated by his name, Farming Simulator 2022 puts you in the shoes of a farmer who can choose his style of production: cereal grower, breeder, forester… To do this, you will have to invest in land, seeds, animals, tools and agricultural machinery that he will have to maneuver efficiently. This aspect is also one of the most advanced in the title since more than 400 vehicles, with different functions, are available. Far from a Stardew Valley, Farming Simulator rather plays the card of realism and will sometimes confront you with difficult choices: organic or intensive agriculture? Fields of transgenic soy or rows of heirloom tomatoes? The seasons are also important, and you will have to juggle them to obtain the best possible returns.

Weird West

Weird West seems to be the little PSN Essential treat to discover this month, thanks to its unique atmosphere based on cowboys and zombies, and its nervous and precise gameplay: one stick to move, the other to aim and shoot. Add to that a good dose of immersion thanks to a universe which will evolve according to your actions and your decisions, five bounty hunters with radically different playing styles and a graphic style based on cel-shading, which gives a comic book side to the ‘together, and you have the best game in this monthly selection.

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