ChatGPT told me that Bitcoin might not achieve any more ATHs!

Artificial intelligence shares the opinion of crypto analysts: Bitcoin should probably accomplish more feats. However, time is running out and things could get tough if the ATH is not reached soon.

ChatGPT expects an ATH before 2025

In crypto, the idea of ​​a new ATH for Bitcoin (BTC) and many cryptocurrencies is eagerly awaited. Moreover, the year 2025 has been designated everywhere as a possibility or even an obvious one. ChatGPT has in the past already given a date and price for the ATH that Bitcoin could reach. However, artificial intelligence is also exploring several alternatives.

Asked about other bullish years, the AI ​​expects 2024 and 2025 to be the two years to watch. Indeed, this is when the price of Bitcoin is most likely to set a new record.

Discussion with ChatGPT.

These first two years seem to offer the most opportunities for Bitcoin with a 70 and 65% probability that this will happen. However, for the following years, the probabilities reduce. This is either because Bitcoin will have already reached a new ATH (2024 or 2025) or because the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto will be in bad shape. Indeed, since the probabilities of signing a new ATH gradually fade, year after year.

BTC could very well no longer reach a new ATH

While data shows that Bitcoin will have less and less chance of signing a new ATH, another statistic points in this direction. Indeed, the ChatGPT AI has clearly raised the possibility that BTC will never achieve a record high again. Although fictional, the AI ​​estimate for this is 20% at present. In recent weeks, this idea has found resonance within the crypto sphere, particularly because of the regulatory concerns brewing over crypto. Moreover, repeated scams and distrust of exchanges are also singled out as a strong disruptive element. However, just like for ChatGPT, the idea remains in the minority on the networks, only shared by a few followers.

In these cases, adoption, regulation or even market sentiment will play an important role. However, the price of Bitcoin will be able to rely on major events which will take place in 2024. Indeed, since the Bitcoin halving, the most important moment in the BTC cycle, will take place in April 2024. But still, Bitcoin ETFs should obtain their final response by the end of 2023 to the end of March 2024.

Moral of the story: Hoping that Bitcoin reaches a new ATH, so that our DCA will finally be useful.


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