Bitcoin invites itself to the table of a Lyonnais cork

Quenelles, Lyonnais sausage and Bitcoin. Tradition and modernity, which we constantly oppose, actually go well together and here is an excellent example. This restaurant from the 1930s has managed to keep its soul Lyon cork traditional while now accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment to participate, on a small scale, in this technological revolution. Head to the capital of Gaul to discover Benjamin Baldassini, a chef like no other who knew how to reconcile the chew of yesteryear and the currency of tomorrow. Come on, it’s the weekend, we invite you to eat at Brunet Counterin the historic district of Les Halles de Lyon.

Gastronomy and new technologies, a family story for the Brunets

Side restaurant, we are in the purest style of the Lyonnais corks that we love. Traditional cuisine with quality products, recipes that have made these atypical restaurants successful, such as quenelles, frog legs, snails and even sweetbreads. But all this would be nothing without the conviviality and the special spirit that reign in these estaminets that the whole world envies. And the Brunet Counterwhich we are talking about today, is a small institution in the neighborhood since it was founded in 1934 by a certain André Brunet, who already offered morning snacks to the workers of Les Halles from early morning.

The passion and the restaurant have been passed down from father to son and are today in the hands of Benjamin Baldassini, the last of the line. However, the latter was not really destined to wear the apron since he had obtained a computer science diploma and he saw himself continuing in this sector. Unfortunately, a tragic event will forever transform the destiny of the young chef who was unaware of it. This is the original story of this young man who Bitcoin Magazine told us about this week and we really wanted to share it with you.

Red lasers and Bitcoin logo, the owner of this Lyon restaurant announces the color – Source:

How Bitcoin integrates the venerable institution of the Lyonnais cork

When his father died, he found himself in charge of the family restaurant, but kept in the back of his mind a great interest in a subject he discovered during his computer science studies: Bitcoin. As soon as he takes office, he will set up payment via this crypto and he will do this by believing, but above all by practicing. Benjamin Baldassini will thus install his own Bitcoin node then a BTCPayServer to collect satoshis from its customers via the Lightening Network. He was also supported in this by Nicolas Dorierthe creator of this cash collection system open source. The next step was to equip its staff with suitable portfolios and then display on the door, not without pride: Bitcoin accepted here.

We can now read on the establishment’s website the reasons which pushed this entrepreneur to dive into the rabbit hole in an article soberly titled: Why Bitcoin? From the first words, he wants to reassure the most recalcitrant by specifying that he is not trying to convince anyone and that he encourages everyone to do their own research. Wise attention at the time of haters of all kinds. Then, he simply explains his approach:

“Adding bitcoin to our list of payment methods aims to diversify our options, modernize our services and maintain control over them. In the digital age, contactless payments and the creation of a European electronic currency, bitcoin appears to be a coherent solution adapted to our times. We are aware that we are pioneers in this field, which is why we will never encourage you to pay in bitcoin or promote this payment method in our establishment. »

Bitcoin is offered as a means of payment in more and more physical stores.
At Comptoir Brunet, we have been paying for our dumplings with Nantua sauce in bitcoins since 2021 – Source:

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Bitcoin Only and Chartreuse aperitif in limited edition, Benjamin Baldassini pushes the envelope even further

But Benjamin Baldassini is not going to stop there and he will even establish every first Wednesday of the month, a Bitcoin aperitif to evangelize, explain and bring together the surrounding Bitcoin community around a glass of Burgundy, Côtes du Rhône or Beaujolais, payable only in satoshis, of course ! Finally, we can’t resist the urge to tell you about his latest little whim of bitcoin convinced who completely charmed us. For this, a few small preliminary explanations.

Everyone knows this liquor Chartreuse, produced in the eponymous mountain range by monks and which is sold all over the world. Recently, the management of the Grande Chartreuse monastery announced that it would no longer increase production and therefore, the planned depletion of the precious liquid from more than 130 plants and roots. And among all the vintages offered by the house, there is one that is even rarer – and even more expensive – the one called La Queen of Liqueurs. However, it turns out that the Brunet Counter has a few allocations of these sought-after bottles and offers them to you à la carte. Except that the only way to get it is to pay in bitcoins. Isn’t life beautiful?

It is on these floral aromas of Chartreuse, these fruity notes of Gamay, these smells of parsley and hot chocolate that we wish you a have a nice week end, a good appetite and for all Lyonnais, here is a new address that will combine business with pleasure. We will end with the comment from Xav999 found on TripAdvisor and that we loved: “came to pay in bitcoins, stayed for the food!” ». Not better.

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