Amazon brand Wi-Fi router: our selection

With its Eero range, Amazon allows you to have an optimal Wi-Fi connection in every room. Eero routers communicate with each other to give you stable internet on all your devices.

We cannot imagine an Internet connection without Wi-Fi: fans of wired connections may list the advantages of Ethernet, but wiring an entire house is complicated and there are many devices that will never be able to take advantage of it today. : smartphones, tablets, portable consoles, connected speakers… That said, having a stable Wi-Fi connection in a house or in certain apartments is also a challenge if you do not have the right devices, and the simple box is sometimes not enough not to cover all the parts. More efficient than repeaters, mesh Wi-Fi networks make it possible to broadcast a stable connection with high speed, and this is all the more important since the Wi-Fi 6 or 6E standards provide excellent speeds which do not have little to envy of wired connections. In the field, the Eero brand is a pioneer and its solutions are still among the benchmarks for having a stable and efficient Wi-Fi network throughout the home.

Summary: Amazon brand Wi-Fi router

Eero router/repeater: the essential router for stable Wi-Fi

The Eero Router/Repeater is the most affordable model in Amazon’s range, and is suitable for providing essential coverage over an area of ​​up to 140m2 with a single device, or up to 420m2 when opting for the 3-device bundle . The Eero router’s Wi-Fi connection uses the Wi-Fi ac standard and can offer speeds of up to 550 MB/second or 350 MB/second when linking 3 devices. Setup is extremely simple by downloading the Eero app to an iPhone or Android smartphone and following the steps. The application allows you to administer the different devices to monitor their status, easily share the Wi-Fi network with your loved ones when they are at home and manage daily activity by pausing the Internet in particular. The router is dual-band and can therefore manage devices compatible with the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands. It has two Gigabit Ethernet ports for automatic connection. It integrates easily into an Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit environment.

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Eero 6: the speed of Wi-Fi 6 within everyone’s reach

The uses of Wi-Fi change and the technology evolves with them. With the development of 4K on video streaming services, cloud gaming or online backups, broadband needs can be very demanding even on mobile devices, and the Wi-Fi 6 standard meets these uses. Increasingly widespread on devices, Wi-Fi 6 can reach a speed of 900 Mb/s, thus approaching a wired connection. The Eero 6 router is compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and allows you to watch series and films in the best resolution or hold video conferences in optimal conditions, in all rooms of the house. The Eero 6 router is also optimized for the smart home: it is compatible with the Alexa environment and also integrates a Zigbee hub which allows you to directly manage all devices compatible with this standard. Setup via the Eero app is very simple and the system updates automatically to take advantage of the latest security updates.

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Eero 6+: the router to take full advantage of Wi-Fi 6

If you want to take full advantage of your Wi-Fi 6 compatible devices on your network, the key is the 160 MHz frequency. On this frequency, a device’s speeds can reach 1,733 Mb/second, a speed that allows you to watch 4K videos without loss or play online with excellent responsiveness, in order to keep the advantage over your opponents. The Eero 6+ Wi-Fi router makes it possible to manage this frequency of 160 MHz, thanks to a dual-band connection and makes it possible to reach gigabit throughout the house, and the whole family therefore benefits from an optimal connection for different uses : online gaming, teleworking, videoconferencing or high-speed video streaming. Compatibility with connected home environments is complete with support for Alexa as well as the integration of a connected hub for Zigbee or Thread compatible devices.

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Eero Pro 6E: the most efficient Eero router

In terms of Wi-Fi, the most advanced standard currently is Wi-Fi 6E. Its compatibility still varies depending on the device: not all smartphones, laptops, tablets or consoles necessarily support it yet. However, if this is the case, you can then benefit from unprecedented speeds that can exceed a gigabit, and having a Wi-Fi 6E compatible router today is also a bet on the future because the technology will certainly improve. develop. If you want the best Wi-Fi network possible in your home and if you use the Internet in a professional context where the needs can be demanding (sending large files, videoconferencing, etc.), the Eero Pro 6E router is the one for you. must. It is compatible with the Wi-Fi 6E standard and with the 6 GHz band, the most efficient. It allows you to achieve a wireless connection of 1.3 Gb/second and its 2 Ethernet ports allow you to reach a speed of 2.3 Gb/second. True Mesh technology is featured as on all other Eero devices with efficient automatic connection distribution. Like the Eero 6+, the Eero Pro 6E router acts as a Zigbee and Thread hub in addition to its Alexa integration.

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