Xiaomi’s connected scale comes back at a very low price for the French Days

Although it may be less than 20 euros, Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Scale 2 connected scale allows you to view data on your physical fitness in the blink of an eye. Thanks to French Days, it drops to just 14.99 euros.

Withings is undoubtedly the benchmark brand in terms of health, but other manufacturers manage to offer interesting solutions at a very attractive price. This is the case for example of Xiaomi, with its Mi Smart Scale 2, a connected scale which displays various information on your physical form. Already affordable, the manufacturer offers it for less than 15 euros only during the French Days.

What is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2?

  • A connected scale at an unbeatable price
  • Equipped with sensors to track your body mass
  • Able to identify users (up to 16 people)

With a price crossed out at 19.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 connected scale is now offered at 14.99 euros on the manufacturer’s website.

A well-designed scale, easy to operate

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 has nothing to envy of connected scales sold more expensively. It may be offered at an affordable price, but its design has not been neglected. It is made of a reinforced glass surface, with rounded edges. With its white color, this scale will easily blend into the decoration of your room.

Once turned on, we discover an LED screen hidden under the surface, which simply displays your weight. To get it started, you need four AAA batteries at the back which will keep it going for 12 months. Once associated with the Mi Fit application, you will be able to view the curves of your data and the changes in body mass detected by the scale. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for rapid data transmission.

With a bunch of data about your health

The scale is equipped with various sensors in order to obtain precise measurements. It is able to detect subtle variations and changes in weight. The manufacturer even ensures that the scale is capable of recognizing when you have drunk a glass of water. It also has a function for calculating the weight considered ideal according to age, height, BMI and other data. In terms of its measuring range, the scale will support a maximum weight of 150 kg.

It also offers features that can be useful on a daily basis. Indeed, it not only weighs humans, but also objects. Parcels, food… The device can weigh various things from 100 g. For humans, the Scale 2 can be used by the whole family, since it can memorize up to 16 different profiles. It may even be able to automatically recognize who is riding on it thanks to its intelligent recognition system. Guests can just as easily use it, without their data being recorded.

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