Lucas, 12, would be the first child in the world to be cured of incurable cancer

A 12-year-old Belgian boy named Lucas no longer shows any symptoms of the incurable cancer he was diagnosed with six years earlier.

Her story gives hope thousands of sick children, but also to their loved ones. Over the past few days, many media outlets have echoed the story of Lucas, a 12-year-old Belgian pre-teen with an incredible medical background. Virtually cured of brain cancer, although it was considered incurable, the boy greatly surprised practitioners. The latter strive to understand what happened in your body to be able, in the future, to reproduce it in other patients who suffer from the same disease.

Friday September 29, The Parisian taught us thathe was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was only 6 years old. From now on, the pre-adolescent no longer shows any symptoms of this disease which, every year, claims new victims. The situation seems almost miraculous: his doctors are delighted that he is “maybe cured”while his parents assure that he “has nothing left”. His case is extraordinary: it could be the first child in the world to have overcome incurable cancer.

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Lucas’ fight against illness

If Lucas today seems to have overcome this cancer, life has not spared him. In the article in the regional newspaper, we learn that the fight he fought against the disease was long and fraught with pitfalls. When he was still a small child, doctors diagnosed the young Belgian with a rare tumor (called an infiltrating brainstem glioma) which attacks exclusively the brain. Every year, around ten children in France are affected by this cancer Very peculiar.

To cope with the progression of this terrible disease, Lucas underwent a series of radiotherapy sessions. “The doctors were clear. They gave us the statistics, which were not good…”, said his dad, named Cédric, to the same daily. One day the boy was received at the French Institute Gustave-Roussy located in Val-de-Marne. And this, within the objective that it integrates an experimental program.

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Understanding Lucas’ Remission

Over the next five years, no deterioration in the state of health of the pre-adolescent will not be observed. On the contrary, the medical staff and Lucas’ parents will be surprised to find that its evolution is positive. However, such an improvement is not attributed, by practitioners, to any treatment, continues The Parisian. Specialists put forward a hypothesis: the boy would have been affected by a very specific form of the disease.

This remission will, without a doubt, give reason for hope to many families whose daily lives are severely impacted by illness. “We must understand [les mécanismes de cette guérison] to succeed in medically reproducing in other patients what happened naturally with him. That would be wonderful”, reacted Doctor Jacques Grill, practitioner at the Gustave-Roussy hospital, in the columns of our colleagues. And Lucas’ dad concluded with the same newspaper: We would really like it to be useful, [qu’il] Don’t be the exception.”

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