an analyst shares with us the price of the next ATH

On Twitter, a crypto analyst shared his latest analysis with us, and shared with us his roadmap for the next Bitcoin halving as well as the date and price of the asset’s next ATH.

Halving Bitcoin and bull market: are we close to the stars?

At present, predictions are flying about the next Bitcoin halving, an event greatly anticipated by BTC fans. In parallel, the next ATH of Satoshi Nakamoto’s play is intriguing. This, both in terms of its price and its date. And on the issue, a crypto analyst shared his point of view. So, is it time to start or bring Bitcoin DCA up to date?

Source : Twitter

Thus, on Twitter, the user Cryptorphic1 shared its analysis and price predictions. Let’s put an end to the suspense now: the latter expects a new record for the digital asset.

Summer 2025, the time of happiness?

Although after the 2012 halving the peak of the bull run was reached “quickly” (371 days), the duration of bull markets increased in subsequent cycles. After the halving of 2016 and that of 2020, 518 and 546 days were necessary before BTC reached a new ATH.

In 2024, with a halving planned for mid-April, the analyst expects the price of Bitcoin hits a new record between 478 and 512 days after this event. These date predictions therefore rely on a new top for the piece, for September 2025.

Is the price what interests you most? Crypto analyst is optimistic, but with moderation if we compare his projection to that of a bunch of other Bitcoin specialists. Indeed, sincehe expects $115,123, which would represent a positive move of 338.4% between the current price of BTC and that which would be synonymous with a new ATH.

Curiosity of the announcement, Bitcoin’s ATH would take place in one of the most negative months in the history of the token, and would follow summer, the least volatile period of the crypto market. But still, it would also precede the two most profitable months for BTC. Clearly, when Bitcoin decides to go against the trend, it is often to perform miracles and achieve unprecedented results.

Moral of the story: Bitcoin reaching a new ATH, a fact that is just waiting to happen?


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