The Benefits of Adding the Elite Package Endorsement

When you’re shopping for auto insurance, MAPFRE knows you want the right coverage at the right price.

Auto insurance is legally required to operate a vehicle and is required to register a vehicle in Massachusetts. There are also four types of compulsory car insurance coverage (also called compulsory coverage) for all private passenger cars. These coverages are:

MAPFRE also offers optional coverages for Massachusetts drivers that include comprehensive coverage, collision and limited collision coverage, medical payments, uninsured coverage, optional BI for others, alternate transportation, and towing and labor.

If you are looking to further customize your automatic policy and want an extra level of protection, you may want to consider MAPFRE’s Elite Package Endorsement. This endorsement is for Massachusetts auto policy holders and costs $35 annually.

An Elite Package Endorsement provides the following additional coverages:

  • Limited Collision and Collision Savings Deductible Program: If the operator on your policy was a good driver with a clean driving record and was involved in an accident while covered under the collision or limited collision savings program on your policy, the deductible up to a maximum of $500 will be waived. Be aware that if your deductible is waived under this coverage, you are not eligible to use the vanishing deductible credits.
  • OEM Parts Coverage: This applies to vehicles that have collision coverage on your policy and are less than ten model years old and have less than 50,000 miles. We will pay to replace any crash part that is damaged beyond repair, with a part manufactured or authorized by the original equipment manufacturer sometimes referred to as OEM parts.
  • Covering the cost of replacing mechanical parts: MAPFRE will pay to replace any damaged non-body mechanical part, which is beyond repair, without taking into account the depreciation of the vehicle. The damage must include a vehicle described in your policy as including collision, limited collision, or comprehensive coverage. The damage must be covered by one of these parts of coverage and:
    1. happened to a vehicle with less than 50,000 miles; And
    2. It happens to a car no more than 10 years old.
  • Emergency Travel Expenses: MAPFRE will pay additional expenses (up to $300) incurred by you, your family members and anyone operating your vehicle, for lodging and meals, in the event of a covered loss of your vehicle. The loss must occur more than 100 miles away from your primary residence and no deduction applies to this coverage.
  • Towing and Additional Labor Coverage: MAPFRE will pay up to $75 plus any limit you have included in your existing MAPFRE Automotive Towing and Labor policy.
  • Accidental Deflating Airbag Coverage: We will pay the cost of repairing or restoring an airbag that has been deflated by mistake, without the vehicle being in an accident. This coverage applies to any insured automatically on your policy where comprehensive coverage is included.

An elite package endorsement can be purchased for any auto insurance policy in Massachusetts that offers comprehensive coverage. To see if the drivers and vehicles on your policy qualify for additional production by adding an Elite Package Endorsement, we recommend that you review your policy and coverage needs with your trusted independent agent.

If you want to add the endorsement to your policy or need additional information, your Massachusetts independent agent can help! Not locked with MAPFRE yet? Get a fast and free auto quote today if you live in Massachusetts or contact an independent agent in your state!

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