Sparkee portable charger review: Two portable chargers in one

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If you’re looking for a compact portable charger that offers a great way to charge multiple devices, the Magsafe Compatible Sparkee Charger might be the right choice for you.

The Sparkee—a MagSafe-compatible wireless portable charger—advertises this feature as the primary way to charge your iPhone, but the base detaches from the dial and becomes its own charger, too.

Sparky design

The Sparkee has two components: the charging disc (which uses MagSafe) and the charging base. They both have their own batteries and can be charged together or separately.

There are four pin lights on both parts to show how much battery is in the charger. There are USB-C ports on both to provide wired charging for a device or charge the battery inside.

The base has pins that magnetically attach to the MagSafe disk that charges when placed on top of it. The disc stays in place, but it’s not the strongest. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a beep to confirm the two pieces are connected correctly.

Power buttons on both components are located next to the battery indicator lights for turning each battery on and off.

The Spark is lightweight — at 7.9 ounces — and packs an 8,500mAh battery inside itself.

Detachable sparky disc

Sparkee has a detachable disk that allows you to charge your iPhone via MagSafe or the USB-C port.

Detachable puck

The MagSafe puck weighs 3.5 ounces, offers 15W charging speeds when connected via a USB-C port, and features Qi fast charging. Inside it is a 3500 mAh battery.

You can charge any MagSafe compatible or wireless charging compatible devices.

If your iPhone doesn’t support MagSafe — but it does support wireless charging — there are magnets you can attach or place in your iPhone case to make it compatible. The disc also acts as a wireless charging pad when not attached to the back of the iPhone.

When you attach the MagSafe disk to the back of your iPhone, the MagSafe charging animation will appear and begin charging your device until you remove it. The magnetic connection was strong and didn’t feel precarious when using the iPhone with it plugged in.

The detachable disk is magnetically attached to the iPhone

If you don’t have a device that supports MagSafe or wireless charging — like your Apple Watch — you can charge it through the USB-C port across from the power button and battery light indicators.

USB-C port on detachable disk

You can charge the MagSafe Disk by aligning it again on the magnetic pins on the base of the charger or through the USB-C port from a power source.

Sparky base

Sparkee allows you to charge from its docking station when using a MagSafe Disk. You can charge your devices through the USB-C port next to its power button.

Sparky base

The base weighs 4.4 ounces, houses a 5,000mAh battery, offers 20W fast charging when the disc is placed in the holder and provides fast charging via the USB-C port.

While you can charge the same devices with the dock as you can with the MagSafe Disk, you can also charge an iPad from it as well due to its large battery and wattage output.

Lights on top of the base show how much battery is left inside the charger, and you can charge the base by connecting it to a power source via the USB-C port.

The location of the Sparkee’s USB-C port

Choose your charger

Sparkee is a great charger that gives you several different ways to charge your devices and charge them multiple times at once.

The lightweight design and easy-to-release parts allow for a fast, smooth charging design that uses every inch of the body to give you more charging power. It’s great to see that you can charge the devices either with the two pieces together or separately.

The MagSafe Disc attaches securely to the back of the iPhone and offers the same MagSafe experience as any other accessory. The disc also ships quickly when it needs to be refilled.

The base – while basic in what it can do – provides faster charging power and lets you charge another device via USB-C. The fast charging that is available on both components is also a great feature to see on it.

One downside was that the MagSafe Disc didn’t feel secure enough for the base when it was set for charging. While it was going to stay and continue charging, there was a fear that the base would fall out of it. Another was the suggested retail price, which is supposed to be $150. Although they are two chargers in one, it would be more appropriate for the Sparkee to cost $100 at most.

If you’re looking for a good portable charger that offers multiple ways to charge multiple devices, then Sparkee might be the right charger to invest in.

Sparky Pros

  • Lightweight design
  • Different ways of shipping
  • Two chargers in one
  • USB-C compatible charging input and output
  • Both chargers can be used together or separately
  • Fast shipping

Sparky Cons

  • The MagSafe Disc does not feel safe when charging on a Disc
  • Expensive price

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy Sparkee

Sparkee is currently a project on Kickstarter—it’s $89 on pre-order or will retail in stores for $150—and the accessory comes in pink, blue, orange, and black.

Meet Sparky - 8500mAh Power Bank with Two-way Charging - Kicktraq Mini

Those interested should be warned that crowdfunding campaigns have been known to miss deadlines or sometimes not ship at all. Camel He has a policy of covering crowd-funded products only if hands-on time is available with the hardware, as in this case.


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