Pokemon Concierge: Trailer, Plot, and Latest News

In celebration of Pokémon Day 2023, The Pokémon Company has announced that it is producing a stop-motion anime series titled Pokemon Concierge. This show is one of many to come Pokemon Projects announced that day, including DLC ​​for Scarlet Pokemon And Violetthe Pokemon sleep app and Pokemon Trading Card Classic Game hiring.

This show is like no other Pokemon It’s happened before, but with the anime classic drawing to a close after nearly 26 years, it looks like the franchise is ready to expand and explore new horizons. Some of the other upcoming TV projects include A.J Scarlet Pokemon And Violet Animation without Ash Ketchum and a live-action Netflix reboot of the show directed by the presenter The devil. So like Pokemon The world is getting ready to expand, here’s everything that’s been confirmed Pokemon Concierge Until now.

Where does Pokemon Concierge flow?

The Netflix logo is displayed on the TV screen while red lights illuminate the wall behind it.
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exactly like Pokemon Trips And sure Pokemon Movies, this upcoming anime has found its home on Netflix, where the series will premiere. It is not known if the show will be streamed on any other platforms at this time.

We look forward to delighting fans in Japan and around the world with Netflix Pokemon ConciergeAn all-new visual and storytelling experience featuring stop-motion animation set in the Pokemon “We are working closely with The Pokémon Company,” said Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Asia Content for Netflix.

What is the story of Pokemon Concierge?

Haru and Psyduck in

The show’s headline says it will follow “Haru, a young woman at a Pokémon resort, and her interactions with the Pokémon and owners they visit as guests.” Basically, it’s a kid-friendly version of white lotusbut it is not known if it is set in the same universe as the popular anime that centered around Ash and his partner Pikachu.

Based on his hypothesis, Pokemon Concierge It seems that it will be a completely different story of the escape adventures around the world that Ash and his friends embark on in their own show. However, the Pokemon Anime still won when it showed characters taking things slow with small slice-of-life stories, so this new spin-off will undoubtedly find success similar to its own.

Which Pokémon will be in Pokémon Concierge?

Detective Pikachu

No other characters have been revealed to the series other than protagonist Haru and her partner, Psyduck. Due to the latter’s presence and popularity within Pokemon franchise, it looks like Psyduck is meant to be the mascot for the show in the same way that Pikachu is used in the animated series for Ash.

While the rest of the cast is unknown, its premise suggests that it will follow a “person of the week” format similar to the original show and introduce and focus on a new character each episode.

Is there a trailer for Pokemon Concierge?

Yes! Netflix and The Pokémon Company gave viewers a glimpse of this intriguing new streaming show with a teaser from Psyduck, likely the one who belongs to Haru, walking on the beach.

Pokemon Concierge | Official teaser | Netflix

Not much is going on in this short video, but it does give a sense of peace and tranquility that one would expect from a beach resort. The poster released alongside the trailer also showed Haru and Psyduck looking up at the sky with the tagline, “I’m happy when you’re happy”.

Who makes the series?

Pikachu's face in front of the TV

To create this stop-motion series, Netflix and The Pokémon Compay are teaming up with Dwarf Studios (not to be confused with Dwarf Animation Studios in France), which is run by Domo creator Tsuneo Gōda. This popular animation studio is responsible for creating many anime darlings, such as Netflix Rilakkuma and Kaoru And Curiosity kitty and friends. Based on these works and the stop-motion approach of the series, Pokemon Concierge It will certainly be a fun animation for the viewers.

When will Pokemon Concierge be released?

address card for

At this point, there’s no release date for the series, with the teaser trailer simply saying it’s “coming soon.” Since Pokemon Concierge services It is an anime, it is possible that the Japanese subtitle will be released before the English dubbed version. Such a release schedule would be similar to that of the main anime, but it’s still too early to say when each version of the series will be released.

Who is starring in it?

Ash is holding a Pokeball while many more iconic Pokemon stand behind him.

Nothing has been announced regarding the cast of this stop-motion series. No English or Japanese voice actors are currently included in the show, but the original anime hired some of the best to bring its characters to life, so it seems likely that audiences will hear some familiar voices. So rest assured, everyone will be informed of the crew as soon as news comes out in the future.

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