Android Central’s Best of MWC 2023

MWC 2023 took place this week in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and it’s always a big hit for companies looking to carve out a place with their new product announcements. Many products were unveiled at the event, from actual phones to just concepts that may never make it to store shelves. However, for various reasons, some products have caught our attention more than others.

Here are some of our favorite phones, concepts, and technologies showcased at MWC 2023.

Best idea: Motorola Rizr

Motorola Rizr Concept

(Image credit: Motorola)

There were a few concept devices shown at MWC, but none were as interesting as Motorola’s foldable smartphone concept. The phone is called the Motorola Rizr, after the old slider from days gone by, and it’s a practical foldable phone concept that many MWC attendees got some hands-on time with.

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