Salesforce Reportedly Kept Matthew McConaughey on the Payroll as It Cut Thousands of Workers

Matthew McConaughey points to a green background as Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff poses for Time Person of the Year

Actor Matthew McConaughey and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff are said to be friends. The actor has remained as a Salesforce promoter despite major layoffs from last month.
picture: Dia Dipasupil / Slaven Vlasic / Gizmodo (Getty Images)

Reportedly, actor Matthew McConaughey Being paid over $10 million a year by cloud computing giant Salesforce to be the go-to guy Tell normal people They want to “create more opportunities” applauded. They want “less cancellation and more conversation, prioritizing conservation, and empowering future generations.” applauded. Although what this latest commercial doesn’t say is that Salesforce is embarking on a different line of thinking about its workforce applauded. More investors and CEOs are pushing leadership toward extracting more efficiency from employees, rather than focusing on “wellness” applauded.

Tuesday Wall Street Journal report Said that while Salesforce He was taking the axe For thousands of employees in the recent string of layoffs, it has been keeping McConaughey on the payroll. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is reportedly a friend of McConaughey and, according to unnamed sources familiar with the arrangement, makes his big $10 in cash and stocks. the real detective The star gave McConaughey his own beliefs in $5 million Super Bowl ad In addition to the latest ads.

Benioff described marketing expenses as McConaughey’s at far less than the salaries of thousands of employees, according to the Journal’s report. This report comes as Salesforce plans to release its latest quarterly earnings later wed.

Salesforce did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

in january, Salesforce has laid off 8,000 workers, or about 10% of the staff. According to a leaked letter to employees, the company claimed it overextended itself and did too much hiring during the pandemic years. The company has grown nearly 60% since early 2020. Benioff said he will “take responsibility” for bad hiring decisions. Of course, Salesforce wasn’t the only one A technology company is shedding thousands of employees For similar stated reasons, but it has been one of the few in tech that has attempted to describe its employees as “family”.

Salesforce has always tried to appear as a single technology company with a real human face. Its CEO, Marc Benioff, has tried to appear considerate of employees, as he does when he does The company’s software was banned for use in firearms salesor when He promised to assist staff in accessing post-term abortion Roe v. Wade. He was up front trying it Show how it is not like the othersilicone VMegarich AlleyAnd try sometimes Shown taking into account the cultural demands of employees.

A leaked draft policy proposal posted in the company’s grace period reportedly showed that Salesforce planned to rate employees on metrics such as how much money they bring in. cutbacks. Some Salesforce executives have claimed that “the culture of wellness has trumped the culture of high performance during the pandemic.” After the staff learned of the proposal, Benioff dropped the proposal, saying, “This is not culture [staff] You want to bring it into Salesforce.

However, among those employees were barista workers at the San Francisco Salesforce headquarters. The company was also reported to cut a “welfare day” which was an extra day off each month, as part of the layoffs. The company has also required that 65% of its workforce be in the office three days a week, and some will have to come in four days instead.


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