Microsoft Bakes Bing AI Chatbot Right Into Windows 11 Taskbar

Screenshot of the new Bing AI feature on Windows 11

The new Bing AI comes to the taskbar on the Windows 11 desktop.
picture: Microsoft

Microsoft’s foray into AI has been running wild, and now that it sometimes disordered bing chatbot It will become more accessible. Microsoft announce This new Bing powered by artificial intelligencebased on ChatGPT and I pushed out in the world quickly to beat Google, It comes to users in today’s Windows 11 update, providing seemingly unrestricted access to the chatbot directly from the taskbar.

Bing’s built-in AI search works just as it does on the web and its mobile apps. It allows you to enter a search term, start a conversation, get answers to questions, and even create content. Microsoft calls this the “next major step forward” for Windows. You must be in Bing Preview to access this feature now. The waiting list is still curious.

The rest of the Windows 11 update focuses on additions and other new capabilities, which we’ll get to later. However, it is worth noting that this particular news about Bing’s AI chatbot being Built directly into the taskbar after weeks of polarizing reports. Take anything Bing’s artificial intelligence says With a heavy grain of salteven if it is incorporated into a lot of Microsoft products.

Microsoft is also integrating artificial intelligence into the Start menu to help suggest files, folders, and apps related to what you have.

Windows news for iPhone users

Screenshot of the new Phone Link feature for iOS on Windows 11

The Phone Link app adds iOS users into the mix.
picture: Microsoft

There’s also some good news for iPhone users who either haven’t made the jump to a Mac yet or have had to use a Windows device designated by their employer. The new Phone Link app for iOS will be released in a range preview mode. It works similar to the Phone Link app for Android, though it’s more limited at launch. You can answer phone calls and messages through the app. But from the screenshot provided, that seems to be the extent of it. Microsoft says it’s still working on making it easier to access photos on the iPhone with iCloud integration. This is likely why this preview was made available to Windows Insiders first. You can register if you want to join the testing community.

What else is new in Windows 11?

Many other useful features are available in Windows 11 that don’t include AI. Microsoft says it has improved the touch experience in Windows 11 to make it easier to open the Start menu and access tools and quick settings. The taskbar will also disappear when a keyboard is detached from your device, indicating this The system recognizes when it’s time for full touch mode.

One particularly neat and niche feature is the ability to screen record with the Snipping Tool. Once you turn it on to take a screenshot, you can start recording to capture the video that is running on the screen. When you’re done, the video is saved to your Documents.

Screenshot of the new screen I'm showing on Windows 11

You can record your screen with the Snipping Tool in the new Windows 11 update.
picture: Microsoft

For the hardcore folks who are still typing in Notepad like it’s 2003 and you’re typing HTML, the Notepad app in Windows 11 is finally getting tabs. You can switch between different text files instead of opening only one instance at a time. I am thankful as someone who uses a notepad as a permanent drawing board.

Reachable users can expect some new features as well. Windows Narrator Updated to offer better braille support, including three new braille layers by HumanWare designed specifically for use on Surface displays. Voice Access is also out of the preview and will work across Windows 11, from apps to the interface. this link Contains a complete list of what is available Voice commands.

These features are rolling out with the latest Windows 11 Update. It’s available for any device running Windows 11 version 22H2. You can check the Settings panel to see if an update is waiting for you, but Microsoft says that the features will be fully available via the March 2023 monthly security update release.


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