How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance for Teenagers in Massachusetts?

Motorcycle insurance is a must if you own a motorbike. Even if you plan to remove them a few times a year, you need a policy that covers any potential accidents you might have on the road. The cost of insurance policies for teenage passengers is usually higher than for adult passengers. Whether you’re an adult or teen with a passion for motorcycles, you’ll want to know more about motorcycle laws in Massachusetts and how to get a license before you look at the total cost.

What do you have to do to get a motorcycle license in Massachusetts?

Anyone operating a vehicle with up to three wheels must have an M license in Massachusetts. You first need to apply for a permit, which requires proof that you live in the state and that you have a Social Security number. You also need to meet certain medical requirements such as strong vision. Permit applicants who are between the ages of 16 and 17 must also have a parent’s permission. You can take the permit test either online or at the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Registration website.

Once you have your motorcycle permit, you can legally operate a motorcycle on Massachusetts roads. You can use your permit to apply for a full motorcycle licence. This requires taking a test that tests your knowledge of safe riding. You also need to pass a road test.

Does Massachusetts have a minimum motorcycle insurance requirement?

Massachusetts wants to make sure everyone on the road is safe, which is why the state has minimum liability coverage requirements for both motorcyclists and motorists. You need a minimum of $40,000 per bodily injury accident coverage along with $20,000 per person coverage. Physical injuries include any injuries that occur as a result of your driving style such as a concussion to a person on another bike.

Massachusetts also requires a minimum of $5,000 in property damage. If your motorcycle hits someone’s fence, they can go after your insurance company for the cost of repairing the damage.

How much is motorcycle insurance for teens in Massachusetts?

MAPFRE works with Massachusetts insurance agents throughout the state. When you compare MAPFRE motorcycle insurance products, you can learn more about the different types of motorcycle insurance and get help choosing the coverage you need.

Although you can get motorcycle insurance for an inexperienced driver, you will find that the cost is high. Teen drivers and teen riders have less experience, which makes them more prone to accidents. Teens can usually save money when their parents add them to their policies, but they can also get separate policies that cover them and their bikes. While liability coverage can range in price, having higher levels of coverage on your policy will often pay for most damage or injury you cause to property. Specifying higher levels of protection is usually a good choice for new riders, or any riders for that matter.

Full coverage or an inclusive policy is another option you can look into. Do you have a teen who has spent a lot of time saving a motorcycle and studying for the licensing exam? With a full coverage plan, you can cover anything that might happen to their bike, including incidents of theft or vandalism. The cost of motorcycle insurance often decreases when a rider reaches the age of 20 and usually decreases again when he turns 25 assuming he maintains a safe driving record. Young riders can also save when they have a clean driving record as many companies offer discounts for customers who go a year or more without filing a claim.

Looking at motorcycle insurance requirements in Massachusetts is the best way to find out what your minimum insurance requirements are before you hand over your motorcycle keys to a teen. Contact your independent agent for more details on how to qualify for deductibles and the steps you need to take to get a teen driver on a motorcycle insurance policy.

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