Popularity of Nega-Bush rises to 62 percent

The new Bush

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According to the latest Gallup poll, the popularity of "Nega-Bush" has climbed to 62 percent.

"I like him better with the beard," said new Bush supporter Noam Chomsky. "Of course, almost any change would have been a distinct improvement."

Like other goatee-wearing Republicans, the talented Bush was thrown into our universe five days ago, after a collapse of the alternate-reality bubble of his polar opposite.

In the past few days, Nega-Bush and his team have crafted plans to stop global warming, kickstart the economy, and eliminate parking meters.

"We must ask the American people to be patient," said a goateed Vice President Cheney, while gently stroking a kitten. "Reconstructing the planet will take time. It will take weeks just to gather fair bids."

Thirty-eight percent reported a preference for the old Bush. They also reported a preference for whacking themselves up the head with a hammer.

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