38 percent still believe in Bush, Easter Bunny

According to an AP poll taken this week, 38 percent of the American people still believe in President George Bush.

The Easter Bunny

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The same 38 percent also still believe in the Easter Bunny.

"I believe the president is competent, responsible and honest," said Alvin Samples, 57, of Cumming, Ga. "I also believe the Easter Bunny hides brightly colored eggs every Easter for good kids to find."

Indiana resident Mary Fayle, 58, agrees.

"I believe it is entirely reasonable for the president to urge others not to play the Blame Game," Fayle said. "While at the same time, his administration is trying desperately to pin the blame on local officials, 1970s environmentalists, or Ellen DeGeneres."

"Also," Fayle said, "On Easter Day, I leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny."

Georgia native Ross Coltrane, 54, is also among the loyal 38 percent.

"I don't see anything odd about the president investigatin' hisself," Coltrane said. "No more than a giant bunny hoppin' about, distributin' chocolate copies of hisself. Kik-kik-kyah! I love those little chocolate bunnies."

Bush's approval rating was also 38 percent before New Orleans was hit both by Hurricane Katrina and presidential incompetence.

"Sweet Mother of Mercy!" exclaimed New Orleans survivor Rene LeBeau, 34. "What does it take? Does Bush have to eat a baby? What?"

Added LeBeau, "You don't happen to have a boat I could borrow, do you?"

In a hypothetical poll question, 38 percent said they would still approve of the president if he were to sell the Louisiana purchase back to France, paint polka dots on the White House, and declare himself King of Butterflies.

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