Karl Rove outed Sydney Bristow

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove's outing of undercover CIA agent Sydney Bristow two years ago was the latest act of altruism in a lifetime of good works, say supporters.

Karl Rove

"Bristow's boyfriend, Michael Vaughn, had publicly disputed the president's fictional evidence of Iraqi WMDs," said Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin. "This threatened the president's plans to drag the nation into a bloody, unnecessary quagmire."

"Mr. Rove merely helped reporters understand that Vaughn's Nigerian mission was the suggestion of his girlfriend at the Agency, alias Mountaineer, a 5'8" brunette, with a scar on her left shoulder, daughter of Jack and Laura, living at 4260 Cochran Street, Los Angeles."

"He never used her name," Luskin said.

Bristow went missing for two years after her cover was blown.

When she first went missing, the Bush administration had dismissed reports of Rove's involvement as "totally ridiculous" and promised to fire whoever was responsible for her outing.

Rove was recently identified as involved after all. You can listen to the Bush administration's response here.

For the good of the country, Rove has also exposed the identities of James Bond, Jason Bourne, Nick Fury ... and even Secret Squirrel.

Rove's other altruistic acts include the 2000 smearing of veteran John McCain, the 2002 smearing of veteran Max Cleland, and the 2004 smearing of veteran John Kerry.

"This man just keeps giving," Luskin said.

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