Vice President Dick Cheney said yesterday he was offended by neighbor Ray Peterson's charge that the vice-presidential limousine carried human bones in its trunk.

Vice President
Dick Cheney

"For Ray Peterson to suggest that the Bush administration is responsible for the disappearance of residents of the White House neighborhood ... Well, frankly, I just don't take him seriously," Cheney said in an interview on CNN's "Larry King Live."

"This administration," Cheney said, "has done its best to serve man."

Last week, Peterson reported having seen human bones in the back of Cheney's limousine, but was unable to back it up with evidence beyond photographs, a videotape, and the notarized statements of 42 neighborhood residents.

Cheney said the limousines have been operated in a sane fashion.

"If you trace back allegations of White House cannibalism," Cheney said, "In nearly every case, it turns out to be someone who's escaped from the White House basement and is now peddling lies."

President Bush criticized Peterson as well.

"Peterson's report is absurd," Bush said. "It was created by those who hate America."

Cheney also took offense at reports that the sun is yellow, that Michael Jackson is a little weird, and that the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp and Torture Facility could be compared to a gulag.

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