Supreme Court considers establishment of religion

Supreme Court justices

After conclusion of oral arguments in two cases involving the Ten Commandments, the Supreme Court is now considering whether theocracy is constitutional.

"There's an open question," said Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, "Whether the founders intended the United States government to establish a religion. There's no way to know for certain."

Justice Antonin Scalia had no doubt.

"The government derives its authority from God," said Scalia. "That's what this is about. Our laws are derived from God."

The U.S. Declaration of Independence disagreed.

D. Independence

"Governments are instituted among Men," said the Declaration at a Saturday news conference, "Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

Emerging from the news conference, the liberal Declaration was met by patriotic protestors waving Bic lighters and chanting "Burn, baby, burn!"

Theocracy has been successful in many countries, including some that your teenage sons may soon be visiting.

In our advanced nation, of course, women would not be required to wear burqas. However, short skirts and makeup are the devil's work. The Virginia state legislature is already at work on a ban.

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