Malfoy may enter 2008 presidential race

By Rita Skeeter

Respected businessman Lucius Malfoy is considering entering the 2008 presidential race.

Malfoy and son

"Lucius would like to continue the fine work of the current administration," said spokeswoman Dolores Umbridge. "In particular, he'd like to maintain the current administration's level of success in the war against evil."

Malfoy is expected to appeal to morals voters. He supports traditional values, including a constitutional amendment to ban Mudblood marriage.

"We must protect the institution of marriage," Malfoy told supporters at a Crawfordsville rally.

Although he has lived near London in recent years, Malfoy is an American citizen by birth. He was born unexpectedly while his parents flew over the U.S.

Even Malfoy's employees have kind words to say about him.

"Mr. Malfoy has always treated Dobby ...," said former household staffer Dobby Houself, during an apparent seizure, "with ... aaauuugggghhhh ... respect ... and kindness!"

Sources say Malfoy, if nominated, would pick long-time friend Tom Riddle as a running mate. Umbridge herself, well-known for her work in both education and jurisprudence, has been mentioned as a possible attorney general.

If chosen as the nominee, Malfoy would face the milquetoast northern liberal chosen during the Democratic primary.

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