Ann Coulter to star in her fifth Aliens movie

Coulter before Aliens makeup

Ann Coulter has signed with Twentieth Century Fox to appear in her fifth movie in the Aliens franchise.

She'll star opposite Sylvestor Stallone in Alien vs. Rocky, due out in Dec. 2005.

Stallone plays Rocky.

Coulter is a vitriolic bitch whose issue grab unwary humans, blinding and infecting them.

In the movies, she plays an alien.

She first appeared in the second movie in the franchise, Aliens.

"She was a natural," said director James Cameron. "We'd ask her to project pure, vicious evil, and she'd spew it in one take. There was the episode with the first production crew, God rest their souls, but she worked well with most of the second."

After the fourth movie, Alien Resurrection, Coulter wrote several books revealing her motivation for playing the part. Coulter suffers from an obsessive hatred of "liberals." She channels this hatred during performances in the Alien franchise, and on bark TV.

Liberals, Coulter writes, have led this nation down the wrong path from the beginning. Liberals supported terrorists during the rebellion of the colonies in 1776. During the Civil War, they took property without recompense. Liberals have taken the wrong side on women's suffrage, civil rights, healthcare and Iraq.

"If it had been up to the liberals," Coulter writes, "We never would have gone into Iraq. Let's eat their livers."

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